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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. How do I activate or deactivate my resume?

A. You can activate/deactivate your resume at


Q. I would like to update my resume/CV, but cannot find where...

A. You can edit and manage your resume at


Q. I can't login to my account

A. If you’re having difficulty logging-in, please go to and input your Username in the “forgotten password” box. We’ll then send you an email with a link to reset your password. If you've forgotten your username, you can retrieve it at

If you are unable to locate our reset email in your inbox, please make sure is listed in your address book and check your spam box and any other email folders if you do not receive a reply within a few minutes. You can also use the search function in your email client to search for the email using the following search text "Password Reset Request for”.


Q.  I have submitted a job application. Will the employer acknowledge my application, and if so, where can I find their message?

A. We provide all recruiters with an automated acknowledgement system. Although we do always encourage employers to acknowledge applications, unfortunately not all do. If the recruiter does acknowledge your application, you will receive an email which includes a link to your "My Job Applications" page. Within your applications page, simply click on the link in the "Acknowledgement" columns and you can view your message. 


Q. Will my current employer be able to see if my resume is currently active and that I'm looking for a new job?

A. Only our registered employers can access the resume database and initially they cannot access any contact information of the resume members. Information such as name, address, phone, email address, anything in fact that would identify the resume member, cannot be accessed. If the employer wishes to access the contact information, an administrative fee (ResumeView) is payable, whereby we receive their credit card or bank information, which of course is recorded.

As it's not possible for an employer to search for a specific resume by job-seeker name, it's doubtful that your employer would be able to locate your resume. Even if they did, they have no access to your job applications, they would only see your resume. What you may wish to consider doing is to only activate your resume the moment you apply for a job. You could then immediately deactivate the resume. This way your resume will not appear in the searchable resume database. You can activate/deactivate at Remember, you can also view who has viewed your resume activity at


Q. Does validate any of the recruiters advertising on the site?

A. No. makes no claims as to the validity or accuracy of employment information contained within an advertisement, we simply work as a conduit for this information. All job-seekers are advised to follow the guidelines we provide via our ‘your safety’, ‘application advisory’ and ‘disclaimer’ information which accompanies each job advertisement. You should also view our full Terms and Conditions


Q. I accidently sent an incomplete application for a job vacancy. Can I re-submit the application?

A. As it is only possible to submit one application, please check your application carefully prior to submission.


Q. I am trying to upload my resume to 'My Resume Attachments' page, however it won't upload. 

A. You can upload files of the following types: doc, docx, pdf, odt, rtf, txt . Please ensure that filenames do not contain any punctuation or spaces. Maximum file size is 10 Mb.


Q. Can I send a message to a recruiter to whom I have submitted an application?

A. If the advertiser is seeking a reply from the applicant, they will include an email address within your "My Job Applications" page.


Q. I have noticed some employers listed in my "Resume Activity" page. What does this mean? 

A. Your Resume Activity page shows all employers who have viewed (via resume search) either the summary of your resume (not contact information) or your full resume including contact information. 

What's Edited mode?

Registered recruiters are able to search resumes, however, all contact information has been removed from your resume. Access to your resume is recorded within your account.

What's ResumeView mode?

To view the contact information within your resume, the recruiter is required to use a ResumeView Credit. Access to your resume is recorded within your account.


Q. I am not looking for a job at present, how do I set my account to no mail?

A. You can set your account to no mail at


Q. I am no longer teaching and wish to delete my account. How do I do this?

A. You can delete your account at


Q. Although I'm subscribed to emails, I haven't received any for more than a month. Is something wrong with my account?

A. Please check your email spam folder for missing emails, also to ensure that you receive our mail you may wish to add to your email program address book. 


Q. I would like to download my resume to send to another employer.

A. You can download your resume in PDF format at Just click on the download link at foot of page. 


Q. I notice that some adverts included a deadline date which has passed. Can I still apply?

A. The deadline date is an advisory input by the advertiser. Some recruiters may however leave their advert in place past the deadline date and will accept further applications for future posts. Please note that the deadline date and expiry date of the advert are not synchronised, therefore it's possible an advert may be removed prior to the deadline date. 


Q. When a job advert gives a deadline date at 00:00:00 GMT, does that mean the deadline is midnight the day prior, or midnight on the date itself ?

A. It means that the deadline is the date itself. e.g. Deadline: Fri 24 Nov 2018 00:00:00 GMT, the post will expire at midnight GMT on 24 November. 


Q. How do I add a photo to my online resume?

A. You can add or remove your photo via the "Manage Resume" section at or direct at


Q. I have received an email from a language school in Spain stating that they had received my resume/CV from directly. Does send out CV's to recruiters

A. We never distribute resumes/CV's. If your resume at is set to "Resume Private", no employer can access your resume (unless you have applied for a specific position). If your resume is set to "Resume Visible", any registered employer will be able to access your resume. All accesses are recorded in your "Resume Activity" page at


Q. How do I update my username?

A. Please contact us at with the new username you would like to use. 


Q. How do I 'favourite' a job post?

A. Click on the 'star' which is included in every job post to favourite. You can view your saved jobs at