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We got more applicants from advertising a DOS post with you for £50 than advertising in the Guardian [admittedly in August] for £1000!

J.S., Colchester English Study Centre, UK. 

We have had a great response from again this summer and I will be contacting you again in the next couple of months to re-book for our next recruitment campaign.

J.A., Summer Schools UK Embassy CES 

...How useful and effective your service is. I recently posted a job under very worrying circumstances i.e having a teacher leave us at no notice at all... it was very reassuring to get immediate response from my ad on your pages.... knowing there were so many people available to work, took the stress out of the situation... I would also like to say how useful Resume Manager is because the volume of replies is quite overwhelming and replying without this aid would be incredibly time consuming.

J.B., Echo Hill, Spain 

I was very impressed with the amount of interest generated and thought the website was perfect for my recruitment purposes.

J.E., St Bedes European Scheme, UK. 

We had an outstanding reply rate from the advert I posted with you at the end of last week. We were able to shortlist very quickly - a must, as the course start date was within two weeks and (we) had a high number of quality applications. The acknowledgement system is particularly helpful.... This is by far the cheapest and most effective job advertisement media I've used to date.

I.D., Family Housing Association (Manchester) Ltd., UK. 

Your site has easily surpassed all expectations. The quality of the people we've spoken to has been exceptional and I have NO complaints.

Lex English, Brazil. 

I received lots of applications and have now chosen the teachers for next year.

L'Escola d'Anglès, France. 

Just to let you know that you are doing a fantastic job and we appreciate the service and quality of recruits very much indeed.

JS, Principal, Colchester English Study Centre, England. 

This is just a quick note to thank you for the wonderful service you provide worldwide. We had a tremendous response to the ad we placed with your network. In fact, we received so many applications that we had to take our ad out after only one week. After contacting the most likely candidates, we were able to interview some and we have already selected our staff for the forthcoming academic year. Once again many thanks and congratulations on the service you provide.

M.M., WSI Almeria, Spain. 

Many thanks for your help so far. We are very impressed with the service you provide.

C.B., Educational Recruitment Manager, English Worldwide, London, England. 

We really appreciate what you have done for us in the past year. We are quite sure now that your service is the most reliable one we have ever known.

M.J., Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China. 

Thank you very much! I appreciate the support of the TEFL network a lot. It is an amazing gift, all year around.

SM, Recruitment Director, ELS Language Centers, New Jersey, USA 

Just a short note to express my most sincere thanks for the great service you have provided for us. We covered two vacancies within a week and received a vast number of suitable applications through you, of which many could have been considered for the posts. I would very much appreciate it if you could keep me informed of any changes or information about your website for the future and wish you continued success.

C.A.J., Director, The English School, Gandía, Spain. 

Wish to add that your TEFL Professional Network has provided invaluable assistance!!! It has helped beyond words! Thank you so much!

L.R.F., Westgate Corporation, Japan. 

May I say how impressed I am from the quick response of your clients to my advert with Professional Network.

B.R., Tara Language Services, Oman. 

I used both the Guardian and for placing my ad then interviewed in Cambridge UK. I have to say that my ad with yourselves raised much interest from all over the world and would in future perhaps not pay for the Guardian ad. You are obviously doing a good job having found the right niche market.

SB, English Fast, Turkey. 

Having received several applications through your organisation over the past few days, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the valuable service that you provide. We have a large number of TEFL vacancies to fill, and your help will certainly make our task easier. Many thanks,

P.B., Anglo-Hellenic Teacher Recruitment, Greece. 

Just to say thanks for your excellent service. We've had more than 20 applicants in three days for the job I posted on your site, many of them fit the bill very well indeed.

G.J., Head of Studies, ESADE Idiomas, Barcelona, Spain. 

Hello! Yesterday I posted an advertisement for a position at my English school. I have already received about six responses. I also wanted to say that your web site is a great help when I am recruiting teachers. Thank you!

L.I., Teaching Director, Sunrise English School, Nagoya, Japan. 

I wish to say thank you for listing us for four weeks,the amount of responses that we have received is fantastic! Your services that you offer is outstanding! Thank you for everything, you people are for teachers and English.

C.M. & M.L., Nile539TeachKorea. 

We appreciate your services and hope you will keep up the good work thoughout the coming years. Your services are very much needed by the ESL community here in Japan.

MK, Maple English School, Japan. 

Many thanks for your support and service. We appreciate your efforts and may your endeavors always gain more success.

ECC Thailand. 

We received many replies to our last advertisement and we hope to hire one of these people in the near future.

D.C., Cook's English Centre, Bosnia Herzegovina. 

we are pleased to inform you that it is making recruitment somewhat easier, as we have received various interesting resumes.

C.V. York Idiomas, Spain. 

Your service is proving most fruitful, please keep them coming. The response has been tremendous .

D.B. Billington Recruitment Consultants. 

We are receiving some good candidates through TPN, and find the service very helpful. I particularly like the "Cover Memo" space - it's a great idea, as so many applicants think a bare bones CV is sufficient. It really helps me when there is a short message giving a reason for wanting to work here. People who bother to write something that suggests they are interested in our school, not just blindly sending a CV to 100 employers, make an instantly good impression. The references section is also useful - we always like to contact references direct rather than read a photostat sent by the applicant.

A.N., Recruitment Officer, BKC-IH Moscow. 

Thank you for providing a very nice site for employers looking for professional teachers. I look forward to using it more often.

TG, Country Director, Berlitz Korea. 

Just a shout of thanks from Cido kindergarten for posting us on your web page. The queries have been pouring in and have been from just the teachers we are looking for. PS. Can't write much. I have to reply to all the new mail.

R.D., Cido Kindergarten, Taiwan. 

"Thank you for all your help. We are enjoying our new English teacher, and look forward to working with you again.

U.T., English Speaking Play & Pre School, Oulu, Finland. 

Thank you for your kind attention to enable me to join as a TEFL member. We are glad to know you, and really think that you have the best programs for ELT teachers and ELT employers. It really helps a lot for teachers and employers to meet, and the many different services you offer.

PP, Director of International Affairs, LCCT, Thailand. 

. . . and I can say we have been very pleased with the response we have received. As is always the case, there is a great deal of sorting out to do, but getting the applications is what counts.

R.R., Four Arrows, Canada. 

You've certainly helped us in the past with your service.

J.R.A., Institute of Modern Languages, Germany.