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Online ESL Teacher

Deadline: Sun 30 Jun 2024 00:00:00 UTC
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  • Deadline: Sun 30 Jun 2024 00:00:00 UTC
  • Online: Online.
  • Nevyslanguage
  • Experience: 1 YEAR
  • Number of positions: 10
  • Freelance Position
  • Degree Required

Job Summary

Details of Position

Nevy's Language is a platform for live, online group English classes for adult immigrants in Canada and the USA. We provide affordable learning for adult immigrants to North America by providing low cost, live classes. We are a night school for students in Canada and the USA.

Our students are 25-45 year old adults immigrants. They are based in Canada and the USA. 75% of our students are at Level 2 or below, i.e. beginners! Most of our students work during the day and can only take classes in the evening.

We offer five levels: Starter, Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate. Each level is 16 weeks long. We provide you with the teaching materials and teacher guides. 75% of our groups are Starter and Beginner levels.

We run group English classes. Each group is taught by one teacher and has up to 6-10 students. We have five levels of English and offer several times of the day for each level. Each group has a time and a level associated with it. For example, we have a 8am Starter, 9am Starter, 10am Starter, etc.

Most of our classes run at night and in the Eastern (New York) time zone, so if you are in Africa or Europe, this means that you will teach late into the night. A group meets every day from Monday to Friday at the same time. That's 5 hours of learning each week.

Salary and Benefits

We pride ourselves in being an affordable learning option for students, so students pay CAD $3, $4 and $5/hour for classes. Teachers are paid CAD $7.5-20/hour depending on experience.
Pay is per group and monthly. You can make between CAD 150 to 400 per month per group depending on your experience. This is equivalent to CAD $7.5 - $20/hr.
You don't have to start at the lowest pay. Pay is negotiated before you start. You get paid on the 1st of every month for the previous month's work. We offer direct deposit!
You can take on as many groups as you wish. We have an internal board where we post available groups. Some teachers teach 2 groups only while others do 12 groups a day!

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Job Summary

Nevy's Language is an online language learning platform. We teach online English to adult immigrants in Canada and the USA. We take pride in offering affordable classes for students while providing a meaningful teaching opportunity for ESL teachers all around the world. Join us to teach adults in need of the English language and take pride in helping someone improve the quality of their life in their new country! Make new friends and learn all about new cultures in this easy and online job.

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