Spain: Prestigious, long-standing English school for sale in coastal Andalusia. A wonderful opportunity to take over a highly successful and profitable business.

The school is situated in a beautiful coastal area of Andalusia. Our spacious, modern premises are just a 10-minute walk from the beach and town centre. Our student catchment area for face-to-face classes is of around 125,000.

We are an experienced and highly respected Cambridge centre with an emphasis on teaching to school age children (5-18). Many of our students reach C2 level before moving on to university. We currently have around 300 students registered for the full academic year. We also have morning courses for adults.

Most of our clients are middle-class professionals and business people with a keen interest in their children's education and a firm belief in the importance of official examination certification.

The school is privately owned and the buyer/s would inherit all the classroom and office furniture, fittings, high-quality IWBs and projectors, sound equipment, 2 modern top-quality scanner/printers, a complete well-stocked library, several laptops and desk-top computers, an alarm system, CT cameras, modern blinds, and other decorative items. Classrooms are unusually spacious and there is even scope for increasing the number of classrooms, if desired.

This is a healthy, profitable business with 4 full-time and one part-time teacher, all of whom are university graduates with TEFL qualifications, a highly-efficient Office Manager and a long-serving cleaner and maintenance person. The school has an annual turnover of over 260,000 euros and there is classroom capacity for 25-30% more face-to-face students and excellent opportunities for developing more online teaching.

Student intake would be guaranteed and, in order to show complete transparency, the final sale price will be calculated according to the number of students registered in October for the next complete academic year. However, the sale price, under no circumstances, will exceed 125,000 euros if the school is sold within the coming 6 months.

For a serious commitment, the owner is willing to offer an interest-free pay-back period to help new owners with cash flow. The owner will also offer all the necessary support to guarantee the client portfolio and a smooth transition period.

The 300 sq. metre premises has an immense amount of natural light and the rental price would be at market rates. Conditions would be flexible and no requirement for long-term to continue renting the property long-term. 

The owner is looking ahead to possible future retirement over the next year or so and would like to find the right person/s to continue to run this successful and attractive business, If you are genuinely interested in developing your career in this direction, please don't hesitate to contact us.

More details will be given on application and all information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. 

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