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Since 2015 I have run a successful TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Recruitment & Training company. I am selling as I have another business + a 10 month old and I really want to dedicate my time to these.

So far this year it has made £18,000 and this is with me working about 4-5 hours on it per week .

I believe if somebody has the time to invest it has the potential to be HUGE.

I have established relationships with schools in China, Vietnam, Thailand and Saudi Arabia. For each teacher successfully recruited for them payment is received, this is between £300 GBP and £1800 GBP. Each school has a number of vacancies to fill YEAR ROUND. This means there is a constant need for teachers and thus a constant stream of income possible.

In addition the company runs its own online TEFL course. This is the passive income element and I have had teachers sign up to this course with ZERO advertisement.

The potential for this company is as follows:

If you place 5 teachers PER MONTH at the top paying school you will bring in £9000 GBP with this alone. If you then add in placing teachers at others schools and the income from the TEFL course (a little bit of advertisement here will certainly bring in people) you can see the potential you can earn from it.

All that is required as the recruitment agent is to collect the CVs and documents. You ensure the details meet the job criteria and then send them to the school – the school will then take over and arrange the interview.

It is VERY EASY to find EXCELLENT teachers and over the last three years I have done work on where to find these teachers and I will happily hand over all this to you.

This is what you will receive from me:

>a database of more 200+ teachers (whose documents we have already collected); email campaigns for the jobs is FREE marketing

>details of websites where to advertise and the log in details for those we are already registered to

>all our agreements and other legal documents related to the partnerships and course trainees

>a complete ACCREDITED TEFL Course, this course is accredited through to 2018, no payment or action required

>income from teachers still to travel (this currently stands at £6000 GBP, you will receive this once the teachers start teaching which is expected in December 2017, this money will be yours provided you take over before they start)

> a step by step guide of how I have run the business (of course you can adapt it to suit you but I will certainly help you in the early stages)

>a well-established website and email accounts (we’ve been paying Google so our search ranking is getting higher each day)

PLUS we have just entered negotiations to work with a company in China where they will send a group of Chinese teachers on a teacher development course run by us. Again, this would be your option if you wanted to continue with this but if so the extra income this would generate is around £40,000 GBP (less expenditures)

I am asking for £60,000 GBP for this business (£6000 you will recoup by the end of the year GUARANTEED) and you only need to place 30 teachers to make your FULL INVESTMENT back.

I am only selling due to my personal time restraints as a mother and working on a second business I own around LOA and coaching. I have recently taken stock of my life and the direction and I am now moving into coaching and away from teaching. I do not want to cease the business as it will be a life changer for somebody for such a small investment.

If interested I can send a full document with our accounts and we can take it from there

I am interested in "Successful TEFL RECRUITMENT & TRAINING COMPANY FOR SALE. ALL DONE ONLINE / NO OFFICES SO EXTREMELY LOW OUTGOINGS.", please provide me with more information

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