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     Posted: Tue 22nd Jul 2014 13:10 GMT   Add to My Jobs' FolderAdd to My Jobs' Folder
    Native speakers for teaching English to adults and kids having CELTA, DELTA, TEFL, YL, VYL.
    British Educational Centre
    Location Location: Russia/Moscow region, Zheleznodorozhny (10 kilometres from Moscow) and Moscow., Russian Federation
    Deadline Saturday 31. May 2014
    Experience 1 year
    Six ESL teachers needed with British Educational Centre in two cities: Zheleznodorozhny, Moscow region, Russia and Moscow, Russia. These teaching positions are open from 31 March up to 31 May 2014. All the candidates must be approved by BEC, afterwards, the documents for getting visa will be processed with our help.

    British Educational Centre in and around Moscow has been running schools since 1995. BEC nowadays is one of the most successful systems of private schools all round Russia. Students can study English, Spanish and Chinese here. Involvement of the best specialists, support and development of international relationship -these are the aspects in the work of British Educational Centre that have the highest priority. Teachers from different places in the world: Great Britain, Australia, The USA, New Zealand, Canada teach in the centre. Many of them fall in love with Russian people as well as picturesque landscapes of the Moscow region. The staff supports our teachers creating positive atmosphere at school, and supplying them with all necessary things for productive educational process.

    We need to hire 6 professional, enthusiastic, energetic teachers who are ready to work at a brand new place. It is important to underline that being members of our team you will be supported by the central office and all the Centre's staff icluding the principal of BEC, recruitment manager, lawyer and others. We are glad to greet new members of our family!

    You can find more information about us on our websites: bec-russia.com and clubenglish.ru

    CELTA or Trinity Certificate (TESOL), or their equivalents (online certificates are not accepted). We would like to cooperate with native speakers from the UK and USA, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and etc. All teachers can expect young learners (7 11), teens (12 15), and adults (16+). Experience in teaching ESL according to the Communicative Approach is necessary (at least 1 year). Willingness and experience to teach very young learners (3 6 year-olds) will help our candidates to be a success in the interview.

    A month Salary is from US$ 1,200 and more for 30 academic teaching hours per week depending on a candidate's education, experience and the interview results. Length of the contract is 9 months.
    Hourly rate for overtime (overtime is optional).
    Bonus in the end of the contract is a month salary depending on ateacher's work during the year.
    You will get paid public holidays.
    You will get paid vacations.
    Free medical help provided by the Centre.
    Free shared accommodation including power (not including landline, mobile phone, or internet).
    Russian lessons are given in a group (16 academic hours per month) at half the regular price.
    Flight reimbursement is paid up to US$550 from UK/Europe to Moscow; US$970 from beyond Europe (the USA, Canada and etc.) to Moscow.
    Local transport subsidy is paid for teaching in-company classes.
    Free internet is available at school.
    Multiple-entry work visa is reimbursed by school.
    Airport transfer on arrival and departure (i.e., pick up).

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    Address Proletarskaya 7
    Zheleznodorozhny, 143980 - Russian Federation
    Click here to visit the British Educational Centre website
    Telephone +7 498 3042240 (304 22 41)
    Fax +7 495 514 23 76
    Contact person Valerie Yakovleva, Recruitment manager
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  • Your safety is paramount. If you feel uneasy with any part of the application procedure or interview, walk away!

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    Foreign & Commonwealth Office "Know Before You Go".
    US Department of State travel warnings.
    Australian Government Travel Advisories.
    New Zealand Travel Advisories.

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