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  Vacancy: Native teachers-P..., Shanghai, China


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  • A 52 year old Singapore based English School which conducts English courses by mail, using audio CDs and books is selling its License/Intellectual Property Rights to any/all countries.

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  • UK Based University Foundation Programme available to franchise worldwide. Guarantees university entry to all its students.

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    We are an Oxford (U.K.) based language school franchise network. We specialise in teaching General, Examination, and Business English to the highest standards.

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  • Live TEFL Prague is looking for agents worldwide to sell 130 hour TEFL/TESOL course + 8 hours of Teaching Practice in Prague, the Czech Republic. Generous EUR 300 commission for each student.

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    Island TEFL Bali is looking for agents worldwide to market our 120-hour TEFL/TESOL courses and 20-hour courses on the beautiful island of Bali. 25% - 30% commission.

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     Posted: Thu 28th Aug 2014 10:52 GMT   Add to My Jobs' FolderAdd to My Jobs' Folder
    Native teachers-Positions available downtown Shanghai
    Shanghai Euroway Training Centre
    Location Shanghai, China
    Deadline --
    Experience 1 year
    About Us www.euroway.com.cn

    Shanghai Euroway Training Centre is professionally run with joint western/Chinese management, and ongoing educational support and training is provided to teachers. With its high reputation on education and service quality, there have been more than 5000 students who have studied with us since 7 years ago the company set up. All teaching staff at Euroway are native professionals either with tefl qualification or very experienced.
    Unlike other companies, the training we provide is based on our extensive knowledge of the Shanghai market. We create solutions to meet the individual needs of our local clients; our basic philosophy being that 'our success depends entirely on providing top quality educational advice, assistance and training'. We offer small classes for maximum student talking time, and our ccomprehensive course systems provide a language framework for students and teachers alike, keeping the class's progress focused and progressive. At Euroway, we are continually striving to improve our syllabus and adapt courses to suit the needs of each individual group of learners. Our main objective is to produce confident, fluent users of English.

    Location: downtown Shanghai, 2 central locations

    Yingchun Rd Centre : 9th 10th Floor, Zhengda Cube Building, 58, Changliu Rd 200135

    Huangpu Centre: 6th floor, Wanshili Building, 1378, Lujiabang Rd (near Zhizaoju Rd), 200011

    Our Courses
    As a leading language centre, our courses range from young learner and adult education through to specifically designed and tailored language courses to meet the needs of a rapidly developing nation.

    A brief overview of our courses can be seen below:

    Young Learner Education
    English Classes for Young Learners are incredibly popular throughout Asia as parents strive to prepare their children for the modern world. We offer Early Learner courses for pre-school beginners of English, High Flyer courses for students aged from 7 to 10 and Trailblazer courses for students aged between 11 and 14.

    Adult Education

    We offer General English, General Business English and IELTS Preparation courses for adult students.
    With a maximum of sixteen students per class, we achieve a high level of student interaction in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

    Corporate Language Training
    In addition to the courses outlined above, our centers offer Corporate Language Training courses to both National and International companies based within the city. Training ranges from teaching General Business English through to teaching a range of more specialized, skill based courses.

    To assist our teachers in creating interesting and stimulating lessons we provide a comprehensive range of flashcards and supplementary materials. Teachers are encouraged to access and adapt these resources to provide informative, authentic, imaginative and stimulating classes.

    Professional Development
    Emphasis is placed on professional development and teacher meetings are conducted on a regular basis to provide teachers with the opportunity to share their ideas and gain useful information that they can adapt and use in their classes.

    Teachers are observed on a regular basis and constructive feedback is provided to assist them in their personal development. Regular academic workshops are run providing training in all aspects of langugae learning and teaching methodology, classroom practises and course adaptation.

    Euroway Training offers excellent opportunities for teachers wishing to make a career in English language teaching and promotion opportunities exist within the organization for talented and focused individuals.

    Job details
    Contract time: one year.
    Courses: English for younger learners, teenagers, and adults.
    Workload: 16~20.5 hrs classroom hours/week + preparation, any hours taught over 20.5 paid overtime
    Contract time: one year.

    Vacancies: ongoing
    Nationality: Native speaker of English (UK, Canada, New Zealand,
    Australia, South Africa, US preferred);
    Education: Bachelor degree or higher, teaching qualification (e.g.
    CELTA, TESOL) , some experience
    required. Most importantly, candidates must be willing and enthusiastic. In some cases, extensive relevant TEFL experience can be considered in lieu of formal TEFL qualifications.

    Monthly salary: basic + bonus =10,000 RMB (not for managerial posts), paid training and free Chinese lessons provided, medical check and work visa paid by the company, etc.
    Accommodation: The school will assist in finding accommodation for the
    teacher. Accommodation is paid for by the teacher, and is usually around
    2000RMB a month, though may be less if you share a flat.
    Holidays: 15 paid holidays annually, 7 days or more unpaid leave.
    Internet: access provided free in the teachers room at school.
    Location: downtown Shanghai, four central locations.

    Dates: ongoing.

    Contact: Shirley Rao Tel: 86-21-61352515, 61352516, 68547178, 13301897363

    Fax: 86-21-61352516

    Address: Shanghai Euroway Training Centre, 6th floor, Wanshili Building, 1378, Lujiabang Rd (near Zhizaoju Rd), Shanghai, China 200011

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    Address 6th floor, Wanshili Building, 1378, Lujiabang Rd,Shanghai,PRC
    Shanghai, 200011 - China
    Click here to visit the Shanghai Euroway Training Centre website
    Telephone 86-21-61352515,68547178,68547198
    Fax 86-21-61352516
    Contact person Shirley Rao, managing director
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