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Teaching careers in China's ancient capital
What job-seekers are saying about TEFL.com...

This new feature for listing all applications is a good addition to an already excellent site.

T.E. UK.

Is there no end to your expertise and foresight! I must say that, of all the websites I use for job applications, yours is, far and away, the easiest and most informative. Keep up the good work.

A.H. UK.

Your site is highly effective in terms of easy access, CV support, quality of employer information and so many other things. I haven't yet used any EFL site that offers more than you do.

G.H. Morocco.

I found a lot of good schools to contact through your service. Now I am getting ready to go to a university in Korea. Your service is really wonderful and there is not any ESL job related site that is nearly as good. You have the most and the best job listings and the site is easy to use. The daily e-mail updates make everything so much easier.


Thank-you for the wonderful site, that has opened a whole new world to me.

MB. Cape Town, South Africa

I like the ease of access to the TEFL network info. and you seem to have a lot of good job listings.

VK. Murray, USA

Hey, what a nice publication you guys are putting together. Really the best in the world for our type of work. Keep it up!.

TT, Saudi Arabia

I just wanted to thank you for sending the English teaching job vacancies to me every so often. It's very helpful and I'm very glad that a resource is out here to help ESL teachers.


I'd like to congratulate your organization for the great work you're doing for us, english teachers. it is really helping me to get in contact with several international schools.


I am very much thankful for you service you all provide. I am glad to let you know that next week i will be going to Korea to teach...all thanks to you.


The ELT Job Source looks excellent. I look forward to receiving future copies.


Wonderful service you have. My compliments. Signed up on the resume list. Thanks for the opportunity.


Thank you for responding so promptly. I thought your first issue was excellent, and am looking forward to the remaining issues in my subscription.


Thank you very much for sending the Job Source to this address. I have found it most useful. I look forward to the next one!


Your Job Source works. I'm delighted.


I've found a lovely position in China through your service and leave Tuesday for Shanghai.

B.S., USA.


British Council CELTA Course, Sri Lanka

Via Lingua - Train to teach English as a Foreign Language - Budapest, Crete, Florence, Istanbul, Mexico, Porto, St. Petersburg & Sardinia..[CLICK!]

ESL Teaching in a Conducive EnvironmentEnglish Language Teacher (Foreign Trainer) Disney English BeijingGE and EAP teacherEnglish Teacher RequiredMale English Language TutorsTeach English in Taiwan with Shane English Schools!
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