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The International TEFL Corporation

The International TEFL Corporation

The International TEFL Corporation
367/11-12 Yaowarat Rd
Thailand. 83000

Tel: USA or Canada: TOLL FREE: 1-800-490-0531
UK: FREE PHONE: 0-800-680-0663
All enquiries from outside of the USA, Canada and the UK: + 1-716-559-1646
Fax: +66 76 236307
E-mail: info@teflcorp.com

Course: Online TEFL certification.
Location: Worldwide online.
Final Qualification: Internationally recognized TEFL / TESOL Certificate.

Course: Online Business English.
Location: Worldwide online.
Final Qualification: Internationally recognized TEFL / TESOL Certificate.

Course: English for Young Learners.
Location: Worldwide online.
Final Qualification: Internationally recognized TEFL / TESOL Certificate.

Other locations:
- Cebu, Philippines
- New York, USA
- Corinth, Greece
- Barcelona, Spain
- Seville, Spain & Barcelona, Spain
- Rome, Italy
- Brittany, France
- Alexandria, Egypt
- Beijing and Zhu Hai, China
- Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
- Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
- Chaing Mai, Phuket, Thailand & Ban Phe, Thailand
- London, England
- Florence, Italy
- Granada, Spain
- Cebu, Philippines
- Calcutta (Kolkata), India
- Prague, Czech Republic
- Worldwide (online TEFL / TESOL certification)
- Worldwide (online Business English + English for Young Learners)
- Worldwide (250 hr Online Diploma in TEFL / TESOL)

The 4 - week TEFL course offered by The International TEFL Corporation provides participants with an internationally recognized certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. The course has a very practical emphasis and features a high proportion of actual teaching practice hours in the classroom. The course is externally validated and moderated by Boaa (Board of Academic Advisors). Job guidance and support is provided throughout your teaching career.

Contact: Mark Shedden

Visit us at

New Zealand Bookshop
Loney Planet Australia & New Zealand On A Shoestring (Lonely Planet Shoestring Guides) by Paul Smitz, Sandra Bao, Pete Cruttenden

At last - the two hottest stars on the travel circuit combined in one sizzling guidebook! Grab your pack and head south to Australia's awesome beaches and New Zealand's spectacular landscapes. Written for backpackers by backpackers, this guide to the wonders down under helps you travel further and pay less.
• TWO IN ONE - No other guide covers both Australia and New Zealand, let alone from a backpacker's perspective
• GET THE LOWDOWN on where to go for nonstop pa...

Order from UK | US | Canada
Living and Working in New Zealand by Mark Hempshell

A Must Have
This book is a must have for anyone wanting information on how to live and work in New Zealand. It is packed full of information that you need to know, from the price of petrol to which volcanoes are active. It is also a very easy book to read with plenty of humour. I cannot recomend this book highly enough it is just a mine of useful information.

Order from UK | US | Canada
Frommer's Adventure Guides: Australia and New Zealand by Anna Carter, Matt Cawood, Christopher Knowles, Andy Reisinger, Veronika Meduna, Simon Richmond, Lee Karen Stow, Steve Watkins

This exciting guide written by a host of seasoned travel authors, ranging from the first New Zealander to qualify as a hot air balloon pilot to the operator of a popular walking tours company- offers endless possibilities for readers interested in exploring on foot, by boat, by bike or by jeep, or on horseback. Lively personal accounts of numerous adventures, including diving in the Great Barrier Reef, taking a jeep through the Outback, or discovering ancient Maori trails in New Zealand, will...

Order from UK | US | Canada
Lonely Planet New Zealand (Lonely Planet New Zealand) by Paul Smitz, Martin Robinson, Nina Rousseau, Richard Watkins, James Belich, Julie Biuso, Russell Brown, Vaughan Yarwood, David Millar

Don't travel to NZ without Lonely Planet as your guide!
If you're going to New Zealand - and want to enjoy the country to the fullest - DO NOT LEAVE WITHOUT THE LONELY PLANET GUIDE! I embarked on a 6-week long trip with 'Lonely Planet New Zealand' and fate as my only guides. I was impressed to the max! The only other guide I needed was a road atlas I picked up at the airport in Auckland (and since I was touring some of the Lord of the Rings film locations, Ian Brodie's lovely 'L...

Order from UK | US | France | Canada

Find more New Zealand books

ILA Vietnam

Via Lingua - Train to teach English as a Foreign Language - Budapest, Crete, Florence, Istanbul, Mexico, Porto, St. Petersburg & Sardinia..[CLICK!]


  • NEW!
    ESL Academy in Malaga for sale

  • NEW!
    NEW and growing English Language School with an excellent reputation for sale in Pescara Italy.

    Language school for sale in Stresa, Italy.

    Language School for sale 150km south of Barcelona.

  • Italy
    Well established and successful language school for sale in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy

  • a line

    We have clients interested!
    Contact us.

    a line


  • Established fully accredited HTS college in London seeks partnership with European educational organization.

  • a line


    We are an Oxford (U.K.) based language school franchise network. We specialise in teaching General, Examination, and Business English to the highest standards.

  • a line


  • Worldwide
    English Steps is a UK English academy where adult students live in houses with qualified and experienced teachers. We are looking for agents to publicize our courses in return for a generous commission payment.

  • British Beach School is looking for partners and agents. We offer GBP 150 per student per course (two weeks) reward.

  • Agents wanted in EU countries/Worldwide
    Fully accredited HTS college in London is looking for agents/partnerships to market International Foundation Year and English courses. 25/30% commission.

  • Agents Wanted in EU Countries.
    Express Courses English language school in the city of London, UK is looking for partners and agents. We offer 30% commission.

  • Worldwide
    Agents Wanted for Skellig Haven Language School, Ireland. 30-40% commission.

  • Worldwide
    Agents wanted for Babylon School of Languages. 15-20% commission.

  • Agents wanted for English Summer School - GBP 120 per student per week reward

    Agents wanted for St Andrew's College Language Schools, Glasgow, Scotland. 30% commission.

  • Worldwide
    Niagara Falls Language School is now recruiting new agencies and schools to be part of our winning team.

  • a line

    Agent Direct enables language schools to locate and appoint local agents for their courses in some 144+ countries worldwide.
    If you want to increase your student-base now, contact us for more information.
    "The response has been excellent and the advertisement was well worth the money. I have made some very promising contacts and I will certainly be using TEFL.com again in the future. Thank you!" G.C., Scalby English Centre, UK.

    a line


    - Reach hundreds of thousands of English Language Teaching Professionals with a MarketPlace Ad!


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