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Dictionary of Idioms (Collins COBUILD S.) by Eva Schuhbeck

This second edition offers in-depth treatment of the most important idioms in contemporary British- and American-English. It has been updated to provide detailed information about the frequency, contexts, meanings and usage of the most important idioms in English. Thousands of examples from the Bank of English have been used to clearly illustrate how the idioms are used in the language today. This edition also features information about the origins of hundreds of idioms, essential for learner...

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Language Transfer: Cross-linguistic Influence in Language Learning (Cambridge Applied Linguistics) by Terence Odlin

The author shows how similarities and differences between languages can influence grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation acquisition. In the paperback edition, Terence Odlin reconsiders a question that many language teachers and educational researchers have addressed: How much influence can a learner's native language have in making the acquisition of a new language easy or difficult? Transfer has long been a controversial issue, but many recent studies support the view that cross-linguistic ...

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The Student's Guide to Writing: Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (Macmillan Study Guides) by John Peck, Martin Coyle

Writing - that easy?
Writing well is not an easy task! A lecturer recommended this book to me four years ago. Struggling to write my final year dissertation I bought it, hoping it would help. It is very useful. The book is user-friendly and can be read quickly; it is also divided into sections for quick reference with a grammar section at the back. It explains basic concepts such as 'how to write a good sentence', and highlights the common errors students make. It shows how a li...

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