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Travel Bookshop
Passport Singapore: Your Pocket Guide to Singaporean Business, Customs & Etiquette (Passport to the World) by Alexandra Kett, Jane E. Lasky

Comprehensive guide to the culture, etiquette and communication of Singapore.

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Fodor's Egypt, 2nd Edition : Where to Stay, Eat, and Explore, Smart Travel Tips from A to Z, Plus Maps and Color Photos (Fodor's Egypt)

A perfect travel companion for a 1st time traveler to Egypt!
Fodor's Pockeet Egypt, 1999 is a perfect travel companion for the first time visitor as well as return travelers. The illustrations, maps, critical advice and information about going to the middle east is easily understood and helpful. I actually felt much more comfortable going on my trip after reading Fodor's detailed guide on customs, food, cultural differences, hotels, and tour information. It helped me plan ...

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Ecuador, Peru And Bolivia: The Backpacker's Manual by Kathy Jarvis

Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, at the heart of the old Inca Empire, are the three most frequently visited countries in South America and together form a natural circuit for backpackers. From the grandeur of the snow capped Andes to the Amazon rainforests and Darwin's Galapagos Islands, there is something for everyone: colorful festivals, the mystery of lost civilizations and a wealth of wildlife, as well as trekking, climbing and river trips. Take your pick! Ecuador, Peru & Bolivia: The Backpacke...

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Driving Scenic New Zealand: A Guide to Touring New Zealand by Road by Dave Chowdhury, Craig Potton

A combination of driving book and road atlas, this is a practical guide to touring New Zealand by road. There are 50 colour maps covering all of New Zealand's best scenic driving routes, each accompanied by a guide to all of the touring highlights covered on the map. The author provides user-friendly information, such as: what to do and see when you are on the road, scenic spots, nature walks, where to eat and drink, distances and times, where the toilets are and where to buy petrol.

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ELT Bookshop
Essential Grammar in Use Supplementary Exercises with Key by Raymond Murphy, Helen Naylor

Very Handy
Murphy is a classic in TEFL. The students like the way grammar is broken into pieces and made accessible. I have had many students who despised grammar but loved Murphy. This book has more exercises for the grammar points introduced in the book. I use this when a new point of grammar seems hard to sink in, or when revising it after a while. I also had some students who have done all the exercises in the Murphy grammar book, so this book was very handy to keep them bus...

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Classroom Decision-making: Negotiation and Process Syllabuses in Practice (Cambridge Language Teaching Library) by Michael P. Breen, Andrew Littlejohn

How can one involve students in classroom decisions? What difficulties might arise? What benefits can be expected? This collection addresses these questions by bringing together for the first time accounts from teachers who have introduced shared decision-making with students.

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ProFile 2: Student's Pack by Jon Naunton

ProFile teaches students about business and the language of business simultaneously.

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The Phonology of English as an International Language: New Models, New Norms, New Goals (Oxford Applied Linguistics S.) by Jennifer Jenkins

Academically stimulating, pedagogically useful Dr. Jenkins adds to the Standard English and Core English debate with this very useful study of the pronunciation of English as international lingua franca. By taking what is actually comprehensible, rather than measuring pronunciation against often unattainable, so-called native speaker standards, Jenkins offers a way into establishing an international standard of English, not only in the area of phonology, but with immense possibilities for gr...

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