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Travel Bookshop
Lonely Planet Korea (Lonely Planet Korea) by Robert Storey, Alex English

From teeming Seoul in its mountain cradle to remote offshore islands and secluded monasteries, Lonely Planet’s comprehensive guide will help you discover this land of dramatic natural beauty. 88 detailed and reliable maps with English and Korean script the best advice on how to visit the world’s last Cold-War nation - North Korea from galbi to gimchi, Korea's unique cuisine explained - plus listings of the best places to sample it climbs and hikes, boats and bikes - how to g...

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Lonely Planet China (Lonely Planet China) by Damian Harper, Steve Fallon, Katja Gaskell, Julie Grundvig, Carolyn Heller, Thomas Huhti, Bradley Mayhew, Christopher Pitts

This book is the swiss army knife of practical knowledge concerning how to survive, get around, and even have a great time in the massively complex and ever-changing world that is china. Granted, the book has a cheeky, irreverant air to it, but believe me when I say this humor came as a great psychological boost at times. I know, I travelled extensively in china for 1 year and also lived in shanghai. i went there speaking no chinese at all and ma...

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Lonely Planet Argentina (Lonely Planet Argentina, Uruguay and Paruguay) by Danny Palmerlee, Sandy Bao, Andrew Dean Nystrom, Thomas Kohnstamm

Tackle the tango in a Buenos Aires milonga. Bite into the world's most heavenly beef. Gallop with gauchos across the Pampas. Better and cheaper than ever, Argentina beckons! Grab the top-selling, tried-and-true guide and prepare for a thrill ride across enchanting cities, lush jungles and windswept plains, over Patagonian glaciers...to the tip of the world.
• FIND YOURSELF - navigate the country with 90+ detailed maps, more than any other guidebook to Argentina

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One-Hundred and One Beautiful Small Towns of Italy by PAOLO LAZZARIN

A Must for Devotees of Italy and Italian Culture
ONE HUNDRED AND ONE BEAUTIFUL SMALL TOWNS OF ITALY is a lavishly illustrated insider's look at the Italy as known to Italians. Writer Paolo Lazzarin took on this project of focusing on the secret treasures within Italy and wrote it for Italians. Now Rizzoli has released it internationally and all of us who love this most romantic of countries are the richer for this guidebook.

Lazzarin has divided his book into the...

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ELT Bookshop
New Headway English Course: Student's Book Elementary level by John Soars, Liz Soars

Best ESOL book on the market
I teach ESL in China, and the New Headway series is a Godsend. Yes, the new books focus more on American English, which is the rage here these days. Students tell me American English is easier to pronounce and easier to understand than British English. Since AE is the preferred language for international business, it makes sense to expose students to it. I got so tired of reading other ESL books that focus on British references and British examples, ...

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Cognition and Second Language Instruction (Cambridge Applied Linguistics)

The influence of cognitive processing on second language acquisition (SLA), and on the development of second language (SL) instruction, has always been a subject of major interest to both SLA researchers and those involved in SL pedagogy. Recent theoretical research into SLA and SL pedagogy has shown renewed interest in the role of cognitive variables such as attention, short, working, and long term memory, and automaticity of language processing. This volume first examines the theoretical fo...

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Language Teaching Games and Contests (Teacher's Library) by W.R. Lee

Designed to make language learning enjoyable and effective, this book includes games for all age groups and language levels. Each chapter begins with a short introduction, and each game is then explained clearly and practically. The book is especially suitable for use with large classes.

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The Cambridge Guide to Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

This book is excellent for students and teachers alike. It has been clearly categorised for ease of reference and I found that this helped immensly for refering to topics and aspects of the course. Every thing that you need to know can be found in this book ranging from the history of various topics to the future trends of TESOL. A plus to this book is the ability to skip chapters or read from cover to cover. Each chapter has been broken down into subheadings which break up that block text. W...

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