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Uruguay Map by Volker Schniepp

Map of the country and portions of its neighbors with elevations shown by color changes.
Legend locates international and provincial boundaries; settlements from major cities to small towns; roads (with approximate distances in kilometers) from highways to rough roads; railways; ferries; commercial ports; airports and airfields; campsites; beaches; sport harbors; yacht clubs; points of interest; lighthouses; lakes, reservoirs, and other hydrography.
Scale 1:800,000. Inset ma...

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Spectacular Australia (Spectacular Series) by Phillip Mathews

Australia is a vigorous young nation astride an ancient continent. This vast, parched land - the flattest and driest continent - is revealed here in 200 splendid color photographs, including panoramic gatefolds by some of the most distinguished photographers working in the country today. State by state, the images here capture the Great Barrier Reef, the biggest coral reef on the planet; the massive glowing monoliths of the Red Centre in the Northern Territory; the snowcapped peaks and frozen...

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Inside Himalaya by Michael Palin

Following the success of Inside Sahara, photographer Basil Pao documents another of Michael Palin's unforgettable journeys, this time to the top of the world: the amazing, breathtaking Himalayas. The 300 resulting photographs provide a dramatic visual record of an extraordinary trip, and will be tied to a Travel Channel special program.

Armchair explorers, connoisseurs of fine photography, and fans of Michael Palin will gladly come along on this memorable expedition to some of the wo...

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In a Sunburned Country by BILL BRYSON

A fun and educational romp down under
Everything I've ever heard about Australia makes it sound like a fascinating place. This books confirms that impression and elaborates on it greatly. Bryson's writing is extremely vivid and many his anecdotes are very funny. I suspect that few travellers see as much of Australia as Bryson has, and here is a wonderfully quirky overview of a equally quirky land. Bryson touches on almost every aspect of life "down under," from politics, to ...

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ELT Bookshop
Language Assessment: Principles and Classroom Practice by H.Douglas Brown

Language Assessment: Principles and Classroom Practices, by best-selling author H. Douglas Brown, offers a clear, comprehensive survey of the essential principles of assessing second language learning, as well as the critical tools teachers need to evaluate performance fairly and effectively. This invaluable resource joins Brown's classic texts, Principles of Language Learning and Teaching and Teaching by Principles, in providing indispensible guidance for second language instruction. Wri...

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Language to Language: A Practical and Theoretical Guide for English/Italian Translators by Christopher Taylor

Language to Language is for students of English/Italian translation and practising translators. Part One provides a theoretical background, examining the relevance of the study of lexis, semantics, pragmatics, culture,NBstylistics and genre to translation. This section includes numerous practical examples of how the translator's thought processes are brought to bear to solve translation problems in specific texts. Part Two contains a wide selection of texts prepared for pre-translation analys...

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Simple Speaking Activities (Oxford Basics S.) by Jill Hadfield, Charles Hadfield

This book contains 30 activities at elementary level, complete with ideas for boardwork and pictures teachers can copy. All the activities are simple and adaptable. They are particularly well-suited to classrooms where there are few resources apart from a board, paper, and pens - and of course the teacher and the learners themselves.

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A Grammar Course For TEFL Certificate by T. Penston

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British Council - Become a Trainer of English or Teacher Mentor in Malaysia.

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