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  If not provided, ask to see an organogram of the prospective employing organisation and where the post fits in.

Be rewarded for your experience - Disney English

Singapore Sling...
A Cocktail of Cultures

A Journey to South America
ELT in Ecuador today

The Italian Job
Naples. High on TEFLERS' lists of desirable teaching destinations!

The Taiwan Teaching Experience
There are many jobs available on this beautiful island. Is it for you?

Sun, Sea & Summer School
Thinking of a short-term summer post this summer?

ELT in Vietnam Today

A New Teacher in Greece
Kat Brenke has opted for a career in TEFL... follow her new life in Greece!

YOUR CAREER PLAN - framework for success

Destination Brazil!
Following the career of a new teacher overseas.

Travel Bookshop
Buddhist Himalayas by Olivier Follmi, Danielle Follmi, Dalai Lama, Matthieu Ricard

This spectacular book invites the reader on a journey to a faraway exotic land-and into one's own heart and soul. The beauty of the majestic Himalayan countryside, of the Tibetan people-spiritual masters and humble shepherds alike-and of their sacred places all inspire a desire to look within, in search of an understanding of the essence of Buddhism and the Himalayan spirit.
Contributions by eminent specialists on Tibetan culture-from the noted photographer Galen Rowell to the Dalai ...

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Vietnam: The Land (Lands, Peoples, & Cultures (Econo-Clad)) by Bobbie Kalman

This book presents the dynamic land of Vietnam - its modern cities and rural villages, its geographic regions, climate and turbulent history.

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In a Sunburned Country by BILL BRYSON

A fun and educational romp down under
Everything I've ever heard about Australia makes it sound like a fascinating place. This books confirms that impression and elaborates on it greatly. Bryson's writing is extremely vivid and many his anecdotes are very funny. I suspect that few travellers see as much of Australia as Bryson has, and here is a wonderfully quirky overview of a equally quirky land. Bryson touches on almost every aspect of life "down under," from politics, to ...

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ELT Bookshop
Linking Language and the Environment: Greening the ESL Classroom (Pippin Teacher's Library S.) by George M. Jacobs, Pramaranee M. Kumarasamy, Payomrat Nopparat, Susan Amy

For teachers interested in integrating language instruction and environmental education, Linking Language and the Environment offers welcome and timely support with its combination of the general principles of language instruction and a rich variety of practical classroom activities to illustrate those principles. Its approach will readily appeal to second language learners concerned with finding a more relevant, interesting and socially significant focus for their efforts at second language ...

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Language Through Literature: An Introduction (Interface S.) by Paul Simpson

'A genuinely accessible introductory textbook which brings entertainment and excitement into the language class.' - Language and Literature A definitive introduction to the English language through the medium of English literature. Through the use of illustrations from poetry, prose and drama, it offers a lively and accessible guide to concepts and techniques in English language study.

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Testing for Language Teachers (Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers) by Arthur Hughes

The main objective of this text is to assist language teachers in writing better tests. The author defines a good test as one that contains validity, reliability, practicality and a positive reaction. Hughes offers practical and realistic guidance on how to create a good test. The author pays special attention to the effect of testing on teaching - a test should not only be reliable and valid but should also have a positive effect on teaching. Chapters on the testing of writing, oral ability,...

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