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"Are there any certificates in teaching English as a Foreign Language offered to persons without a BA? I have been through 2 years of community college and am looking for other educational opportunities before I transfer to a University. I had the opportunity to teach English at a school in Adana, Turkey and found it to be an exciting and rewarding experience. I didn't need a certificate at the time, but I would like to earn one to enhance my credentials. "
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I have just graduated with a BA in Administration and would like to train in TEFL while I take a year out travelling. Is this a dream which can be put into practice?

Depending on where you are and for how long, you may be able to take a TEFL training course in one of your travel locations. Alternatively, if you can maintain continuous good internet access, an online course may be worth considering. Good ones will include a teaching practice component so you would also have to be able to organise that in one or more locations.

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Via Lingua - Train to teach English as a Foreign Language - Budapest, Crete, Florence, Istanbul, Mexico, Porto, St. Petersburg & Sardinia..[CLICK!]

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