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"In April I completed the 100hour TESOL course and am now very excited about teaching English to foreign students. I recently spent two weeks in Malta where I provided private tuition to six Korean students studying elementary and upper intermediate level English. I found this very rewarding and am enthusiastic about continuing this work in England. Any advice you can give me regarding the best way to go about providing private tuition in England and where I might find any information that could help me achieve this goal would be greatly appreciated. "
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I am an English teacher of 10 years standing with a wife and young family. We would both like to travel and live abroad for a while and my professional background does not pose a problem in terms of obtaining employment. However, it is a big step to up everything and move away for what will be a reasonably short-term project. Is there anything I can do to ensure that my family donīt suffer in the long term?

I understand your concern. You might consider a teaching job in areas where they pay well and where, by local law, an indemnity or end of contract lump sum is paid. The Arabian Gulf and Brunei immediately come to mind as possibilities. You should also look into insurance policies for teachers overseas. There are some who offer special benefits to people in your position. I am sure if you research the job market well, it should be possible. Alternatively, a teaching charity or government organisation may well be able to guarantee you work back home or assistance until you get it, at the end of contract.

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British Council - Become a Trainer of English or Teacher Mentor in Malaysia.

Via Lingua - Train to teach English as a Foreign Language - Budapest, Crete, Florence, Istanbul, Mexico, Porto, St. Petersburg & Sardinia..[CLICK!]

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