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"Do you have any information on where to get cheap flights to the Middle East? My prospective employer will pay my fare but has set a very strict budget and will only pay on arrival. "
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Be rewarded for your experience - Disney English
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Q&A is our weekly career chat. Each week our visitors have the opportunity to question a teaching centre director about living and working in a particular country. You can also check out transcripts from previous Q&A sessions.

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In Your Hands: NLP in ELT by Jane Revell, Susan Norman

This book give a very good introduction to NLP techniques, the aim of which is to use in the English (as a foreign language)classroom but I find the simple techniques useful for myself. Not like other "self-help" books, as it lacks the hype. Anyone who works with students, or perhaps therapy of any kind will find it helpful and inspiring.

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Learner English: A Teachers Guide to Interference and Other Problems (Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers)

Excellent guide to language issues for students learning ESL
The book is split into various native language sections. Within each of these there is an analysis of that language form and how it differs from English. Various difficulties peculiar to each language are then given in reference to learning English. An invaluable guide especially when teaching students where the teacher has no knowledge of their mother tongue.

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Teach Business English (Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers) by Sylvie Donna

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Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching: A Description and Analysis (Cambridge Language Teaching Library) by Jack C. Richards, Theodore S. Rodgers

A history of language teaching
An interesting summary of the various methods used in language teaching for the last 100 years or so. If you are a language teacher,it may well be of interest to you, but it doesn`t give any easy answers, preferring rather to explore the wide range of options available to teachers.

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British Council - Become a Trainer of English or Teacher Mentor in Malaysia.

Via Lingua - Train to teach English as a Foreign Language - Budapest, Crete, Florence, Istanbul, Mexico, Porto, St. Petersburg & Sardinia..[CLICK!]

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"I have just accepted a teaching job in Greece but I am now in a panic as I can't speak a word of Greek. Will this be real drawback? "
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  • Italy
    Prestigious school for sale in Rome.

  • Spain
    Prestigious Language Academy for sale in Jaen Province, Andalucia.

  • Italy
    English Language School for sale in Sardinia.

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    We have clients interested!
    Contact us.

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  • A 52 year old Singapore based English School which conducts English courses by mail, using audio CDs and books is selling its License/Intellectual Property Rights to any/all countries.

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  • UK Based University Foundation Programme available to franchise worldwide. Guarantees university entry to all its students.

  • UK Based TESOL and ESP Training Organisation Looking For Established Language Schools Worldwide For Master Franchise Partnerships

    We are an Oxford (U.K.) based language school franchise network. We specialise in teaching General, Examination, and Business English to the highest standards.

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  • Worldwide
    Island TEFL Bali is looking for agents worldwide to market our 120-hour TEFL/TESOL courses and 20-hour courses on the beautiful island of Bali. 25% - 30% commission.

  • Worldwide
    Reivers Education, Wales, UK is looking for agents & partners around the world. Generous 20% commission to our partners/agents on teaching courses.

  • East London School of English in London, UK, is looking to foster long term relationships with agents & partners around the world. Generous 30% commission to our partners/agents on all courses & 160 (two weeks) commission on our suite of Summer Camps.

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    Agent Direct enables language schools to locate and appoint local agents for their courses in some 144+ countries worldwide.
    If you want to increase your student-base now, contact us for more information.
    "The response has been excellent and the advertisement was well worth the money. I have made some very promising contacts and I will certainly be using TEFL.com again in the future. Thank you!" G.C., Scalby English Centre, UK.

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